Punjab National Bank Branches in Ghaziabad

Founded in the year 1895, the Punjab National Bank often referred as PNB is one of the oldest banks in the nation. This bank has been functional for more than a century and has spread its wings all over the country by opening several branches all round the country. PNB is another bank which has spread its wings to the highly developed city of Ghaziabad keeping in mind the banking potential of the city. Today, PNB has more than 10 branches in Ghaziabad offering quality services to all its clients

Punjab National Bank in Ghaziabad

List of PNB Branches in Ghaziabad

Branch: Govindapuram
Govindapuram, Ghaziabad, Up 201002
Ifsc Code: Punb0403900
Micr Code: 110024215
Branch Code: 403900
Telephone: (0120) 2765431

Branch: Vaishali
Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Up 210010
Ifsc Code: Punb0405300
Micr Code: 110024212
Branch Code: 405300
Telephone: (0120) 2777740

Branch: Raj Nagar
127 - C, Sector - 11, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0407800
Micr Code: 110024216
Branch Code: 407800
Telephone: (0120) 2785310

Branch: Vasundhara, Ghaziabad
Up Awas Vikas Parishad, Vasundhara Ghaziabad, Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0471800
Micr Code: 110024449
Branch Code: 471800
Telephone: (0120) 2882476

Branch: Ghaziabad, Ntpc
Vidyut Nagar Ntpc Ghaziabad Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0601300
Micr Code: 110024483
Branch Code: 601300
Telephone: (0120) 2672103

Branch: Loha Mandi, Ghaziabad
5, Loha Mandi, Ghaziabad Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0613300
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 613300
Telephone: 9899881048

Branch: Ghaziabad, Itc
Ghaziabad, Itc Meerut Road Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0626900
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 626900
Telephone: (0120) 2635105

Branch: Currency Chest Bo Navyug Market Ghaziabad
Navyug Market Ghaziabad Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0710500
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 710500
Telephone: (0120) 2624105

Branch: Currency Chest Bo Ambedkar Marg Ghaziabad
Ambedkar Marg Ghaziabad Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0710700
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 710700
Telephone: (0120) 2895105

Branch: Ghaziabad, Noor Nagar
Ghaziabad, Noor Nagar Uttarp Radesh201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0756200
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 756200
Telephone: (0120) 2794792

Branch: Daya Nand Nagar, Ghaziabad-Up
Pnb, Daya Nand Nagar, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0780100
Micr Code: Non-Micr
Branch Code: 780100
Telephone: (0120) 2717346

Branch: G T Road, Ghaziabad
G T Road, Ghaziabad, Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0018000
Micr Code: 110024213
Branch Code: 018000
Telephone: (0120) 2831042

Branch: Mohan Nagar
Mohan Nagar, Distt. Ghaziabad, Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0034100
Micr Code: 110024201
Branch Code: 034100
Telephone: (0120) 2940101

Branch: Navyug Market, Ghaziabad
Navyug Market, Distt. Ghaziabad, Up - 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0067400
Micr Code: 110024202
Branch Code: 067400
Telephone: (0120) 2794882

Branch: Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad
Shastri Nagar, Distt. Ghaziabad, Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0205100
Micr Code: 110024205
Branch Code: 205100
Telephone: (0120) 2706061

Branch: Sikhera
Sikhera, Dist Ghaziabad Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0275600
Micr Code: 245024054
Branch Code: 275600
Telephone: (0120) 2628105

Branch: Kaushambi
D - 64, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Up 201010
Ifsc Code: Punb0300000
Micr Code: 110024188
Branch Code: 300000
Telephone: (0120) 2776008

Branch: Ambedkar Marg, Meerut
Ambedkar Marg, Distt. Ghaziabad, Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0370300
Micr Code: 110024198
Branch Code: 370300
Telephone: (0120) 2711763

Branch: Jindal Nagar, Ghaziabad
Jindal Nagar, Khera - Philkhuwa, Ghaziabad, Up 245304
Ifsc Code: Punb0370500
Micr Code: 110024247
Branch Code: 370500
Telephone: (0120) 2325666

Branch: Gt Road, Sahibabad
Gt Road, Ghaziabad, Up - 201005
Ifsc Code: Punb0370900
Micr Code: 110024170
Branch Code: 370900
Telephone: (0120) 2931970

Branch: Brij Vihar
Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad, U.P.
Ifsc Code: Punb0371100
Micr Code: 110024196
Branch Code: 371100
Telephone: (0120) 2628105

Branch: Akp Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad
Arya Kanya Pathshala, Sector 9, Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad, Up 201009
Ifsc Code: Punb0394600
Micr Code: 110024210
Branch Code: 394600
Telephone: (0120) 2740963

Branch: Kavi Nagar
Kl - 44, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Up 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0394700
Micr Code: 110024194
Branch Code: 394700
Telephone: (0120) 2781672

Branch: Vmlg, Ghaziabad
Vmlg, (Near Sushila Devi Girls School), Ghaziabad, U.P - 201001
Ifsc Code: Punb0394800
Micr Code: 110024195
Branch Code: 394800
Telephone: (0120) 2717346

Branch: Meerut Road
Patel Nagar, Meerut Road, Ghaziabad, Up
Ifsc Code: Punb0402100
Micr Code: 110024209
Branch Code: 402100
Telephone: (0120) 2736400

Branch: Loni, Ghaziabad
Loni, Ghaziabad, Up 201102
Ifsc Code: Punb0402200
Micr Code: 110024208
Branch Code: 402200
Telephone: (0120) 2602244
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